Bli inspirert av våre kuraterte bildevegger her. De er designet for å gi deg inspirasjon til hvilke kunstplakater som passer sammen. Sammen skaper vi unike hjem, med trendy kunstplakater og personlig stil. Artsy inspirasjon rett hjem til deg.

Earth Tones

The season is slowly changing with the revealing colors of autumn. From bright and lush to darker and more earth inspired tones in our colour palette.

A peachy summer

Mixing different styles and expressions can add an exciting and personal touch to the interior.

Comprehensive Composition

A combination of different frames and formats gives a sense of personal touch. Remember to be aware of the lines that the frames create to really make it stand out.

Play with Shapes

Looking at the specific shapes of a motive and choosing parts of it can be just as interesting as the whole motive. Like this car, or half of it.

Limited edition photo art

Brush your teeth to some spectacular Norwegian landscapes, numbered and signed by the artist Gaute Lorentsen

2CV ved fjorden

Black & White X2

Combine a variety of black and white posters with frames in both black and white, for that artful, gallery feel in your rooms

Pop of colour

Fill your walls with bright popart , to provide a colourfull statement