A little forecast of tendencies we embrace right now

Interior Trend Spotting 2022

Colour in the ceiling Artbird trend

Tip 1

Colour in the ceiling? Oh yes!

A trend that has developed lately is painting the ceiling in colours that matches the walls. It is a bit far-fetched for many to move away from a white ceiling, but if you have a good ceiling height, it is very stylish to colour your ceiling. 

Here you can go for tone-on-tone with the wall, or shades lighter than the wall colour. Those who are even a little wilder go for a contrasting color on the ceiling. Here, pink has been allowed to shine with visual art from our collection. 

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Unique art from Artbird

Tip 2

Go Unique

You don't have to empty your wallet in order to buy unique art. Many artists have limited editions prints. This creates more exclusivity and feels more like a collector's item. 

Here is photographic art from Gaute Lorentsen in a limited edition exclusively for Artbird. 

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Abstract art from ArtBird

Tip 3

Abstract Art, Anyone?

A trend that is hard to overlook is abstract art. A massive playground has emerged of artists that embraces abstract art in bold paintings or in graphic prints.  

We love how abstract art plays with our imagination and creates new conversations about personal interpretations. 

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Kitchen art from Artbird

Tip 4

A spoonful of Art  

Many people live in apartments and houses that have open solutions. Just as the sofa has moved into the kitchen in many homes, art in the kitchen is also a great way to blur the lines between areas. Everything becomes a living area and art fits into every room.

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