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Cheeky Donkey mood pictureCheeky Donkey 50x70 cm

Cheeky Donkey

From 150,00 NOK
Abstract Rainbow mood pictureAbstract Rainbow 50x70 cm

Abstract Rainbow

From 150,00 NOK
Colourful Animals mood pictureColourful Animals 50x70 cm

Colourful Animals

From 150,00 NOK
A Beautiful Blonde mood pictureA beautiful blonde 50x70 cm

A Beautiful Blonde

From 150,00 NOK

Rydd Hjemme

Silje has been interested in interior
design and systems since she was little. Today she is the owner of Rydd Hjemme, which is Norway's largest company for professional organization. She designs and makes a system in drawers and cabinets with the goal of making a simpler everyday life, with beautiful interiors.

With two children growing up, a simple tip is to replace the pictures on the wall. Then the impression changes from toddler room to big kids room right away. Here you find a picture of our youngest girl's room. She is interested in horses and rainbows, so then the choices became easy!