Be inspired by our curated gallery walls. They are designed to give you ideas for posters that fit together in different rooms and design. Together we create unique homes, with trendy posters and personal style.

A peachy summer

Mixing different styles and expressions can add an exciting and personal touch to the interior.

Monochrome Palette

A color has many nuances. Hues of blue adds a clean yet calm look.

Comprehensive Composition

A combination of different frames and formats gives a sense of personal touch. Remember to be aware of the lines that the frames create to really make it stand out.

Play with Shapes

Looking at the specific shapes of a motive and choosing parts of it can be just as interesting as the whole motive. Like this car, or half of it.

Getting Ready

Limited edition photo art

Brush your teeth to some spectacular Norwegian landscapes, numbered and signed by the artist Gaute Lorentsen

2CV by the Fjord

Late Summer Flowers

Cheeky Donkey