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Flowergirl mood pictureFlowergirl 50x70 cm


From 150,00 NOK
Abstract Botanical mood pictureAbstract botanical 50x70 cm

Abstract Botanical

From 150,00 NOK
Fruits Are Us mood pictureFruits are us 50x70 cm

Fruits Are Us

From 150,00 NOK
Shades of Red mood pictureshades of red 50x70 cm

Shades of Red

From 150,00 NOK
Shades of Blue mood pictureshades of blue 50x70 cm

Shades of Blue

From 150,00 NOK
Oslo Skyline mood pictureOslo Skyline 50x70 cm

Oslo Skyline

From 150,00 NOK
Pink Rose on Black mood picturepink rose on black 50x70 cm

Pink Rose on Black

From 150,00 NOK
Día De Muertos 30x40 cmDía De Muertos 50x70 cm

Día De Muertos

From 150,00 NOK

Dennis Poppe

Born and bred on the west coast of Norway, now living in Drammen with his family consisting of Kristin and their son Falk. As an influencer Dennis aspires to be a good role model, as well as inspiring and spreading joy to his followers through his channels. Dennis has an unique and colourful style in clothing and home decoration. You will have to look long and hard to find as colourful a home where the colours and interior is selectively chosen to provide joyous feelings and provide energy!

Together with Kristin, Dennis runs the YouTube channel Kristing og Dennis, as a sort of mishmash of everyday chaos and love.